Paradigm Shift: A Journey from Compliance to Connection

Through the lens of a trauma-informed perspective, Matthew Portell tells how to help students to build the 5 core competencies of SEL.

Equity & Social Emotional Learning

Dr. Byron McClure explains using the Human Centered Design Thinking approach to create equitable systems, programs, curriculums, and instruction by design.

Agency/Student Voice

Heather Peterson discusses using student voice as a powerful strategy to build the SEL skills of young people.

Circles as a Foundational SEL Practice

Dr. Lisa Micou examines the role of circles as a core strategy in providing instruction and practice of SEL skills and identifies how circles foster student engagement and connection.

Strengthening Belonging to Enhance Agency

Jennifer Smith outlines the benefits of embedding the three signature practices of SEL into daily routines and procedures.

Reflective Practices to Address Implicit Bias

Dr. Tiffany Hardy explains how implicit bias develops and how it can influence our choices, perceptions, behaviors, and relationships with our students.

Adult SEL

Dr. Diana Theisinger relates how adult SEL can be used as a gateway to student SEL and provides specific practices and strategies.

Designing the Environment for SEL

Dr. Lindsay Orme discusses designing the classroom environment so that students, colleagues, and families feel welcomed, included, and affirmed.

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