Equity Considerations for Students with Disabilities - Virginia CLC
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  • Disability
Published Date: October 22, 2020

Equity Considerations for Students with Disabilities

This session will help educators develop an equity mindset for working with students with disabilities by shifting the historical educational paradigm focused on equality toward one focused on equity. This process is based on the legal standard that requires schools to demonstrate meaningful progress and appropriately ambitious goals for students with disabilities and rooted in the development of a culture of equity in schools. This session will help educators begin their personal journey toward an equity mindset and empower them to support their colleagues, families and, most importantly, students through a personal critical self-reflection process. Essential action steps beginning with authentic professional relationship-building, thoughtful decision-making, and use of implementation strategies focused on students’ abilities will be outlined for educators. These action steps will help educators use equity mindset to support students with disabilities to reach and exceed their goals.

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