Building and Sustaining School and Community Partnerships

This session will help educators create sustained community partnerships to meet school-based needs and focus on student success. School-community partnerships can meet the needs of educators, families, and students and support sustained success within a school community. An internal audit of school resources can prioritize needs within the school learning environment and create a value-added

When School Refusal Intersects with COVID-19: Practical Strategies and Interventions

We will review evidence-based techniques and strategies to help students who are at risk for school refusal during a school year of unprecedented and complex challenges.

Return to Learn in the COVID-19 Era: How to Help Students Cope Effectively with Anxiety

We will review evidence-based techniques to help students develop resilience in the face of adversity and uncertainty and to use non-avoidant coping skills in response to high levels of anticipated anxiety about the pandemic and academic demands.

Mindfulness: Using Present Moment Awareness to Promote Wellness

This session will give a general overview of mindfulness-based practices and how they can be incorporated within the MTSS framework.

Implementing Telehealth Services in Schools

Due to the pandemic, schools have rapidly transitioned to online teaching and service delivery. This transition has caused school support personnel to scramble to provide remote services to students. Often there has not been time to carefully consider the implications of quickly made decisions. As remote service delivery continues, practitioners need to take a step

Assessing and Addressing Student Need/Root Cause

Introduction to root cause analysis, developing meaningful needs assessments, and choosing an evidence-based intervention.

Large Group Virtual Counseling

This session will discuss potential solutions to the barriers that surround virtual counseling in a large group setting. Ideas, resources, and essential considerations will speak to school-wide initiatives, classroom lessons, and events in the virtual setting.

Suicide Intervention Considerations in the Virtual Environment

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for students between the ages of 10 and 19. Despite this, suicide is preventable when students in need are connected to appropriate supports. As many schools start the school year with distance learning, school mental health professionals need to adapt suicide intervention practices from brick-and-mortar practices to

A Primer on Virtual Small Groups

Group counseling interventions are effective, efficient, and appropriate for students who need additional social, emotional and behavioral support. There are a number of considerations that are applicable within virtual environments and evidence is still emerging. It is important for helpers to continue to learn basic group counseling considerations that can be made within virtual environments,

Legal and Ethical Overview of Telehealth in Schools

In the rapid transition to providing remote online school services, the focus was on getting services to students. The initial transition has passed and it is time to reflect on the best way to provide school services. This requires reviewing basic of videoconferencing and confirming that student privacy and confidentiality is ensured. Professionals will need

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