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Career and Learning Center in Virginia for School Mental Health Professionals

Make a difference in your career and your students’ lives.

The Virginia Career and Learning Center for School Mental Health Professionals offers professional development and career opportunities for school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, and other licensed school mental health professionals in Virginia Public Schools.

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Virginia needs people like you.

Virginia's Public Schools cultivate a positive work environment that promotes collaboration with school mental health professionals, who are critical in meeting the needs and maximizing the potential of all our students. Our Career Center provides an overview of SMHP roles in Virginia, licensure information, and a comprehensive list of rewarding job opportunities throughout the state.

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You support your students.
We support you.

You are often the first to respond when students and families are facing adversity. We believe that by advancing your skills, you can make an impactful difference in the lives of your students and their families. We have provided an abundance of resources, instructional modules, and credentials that will help you, foster safe and inclusive school communities and promote emotional wellness for your students.

Learning and Resource Center

SBMH Grant Year 3 Outcomes

The goal of the grant is to increase recruitment and retention of School Based Mental Health (SBMH) professionals in selected school divisions with demonstrated need in Virginia.


92.9% of providers


Reduction in ratio
students to providers 36.7%

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