Tiered Interventions

Dr. Jennifer Betters-Bubon completes the series with continued discussion on the school counselor’s role in trauma-informed tiered interventions for tiers 1 & 2 and look at the school counselor’s role as consultant and collaborator in tier 3.

Creating Trauma Informed Systems

Dr. Betters-Bubon takes a look at the school counselor’s role and key principles in creating trauma-informed systems and systems change examples.

What is Trauma?

Dr. Jennifer Betters-Bubon covers the main concepts of differentiating trauma stress, ACEs, the differential impact of trauma on students, families, staff, etc., and the school counselor’s role in trauma.

Responding to Substance Use Issues

Dr. Kevin Doyle concludes his discussion of substance use by explaining how to respond to substance use issues.

Understanding Substance Use Disorders

Dr. Kevin Doyle continues his discussion of substance use by looking at understanding and recognizing substance use disorders .

Overview of Substance Use Prevention

Dr. Kevin Doyle shares his thoughts about prevention, how to consider the best approach, and how to prevent substance use by a particular individual who may be at risk.

Youth Suicide Prevention Webinar 3 for School Counselors

Dr. Rebecca Pianta continues the topic of suicide intervention with the school counselor’s responsibilities, what to do when a student is discharged after hospitalization, and conducting a suicide re-entry meeting.

Youth Suicide Prevention Webinar 2 for School Counselors

In the second of the series, Dr. Rebecca Pianta addresses suicide intervention strategies and how to intervene with students at risk of suicide.

Youth Suicide Prevention Webinar 1 for School Counselors

Dr. Rebecca Pianta discusses using a multi-tiered system of support for suicide prevention including promoting a positive school climate, and educating students/staff to the signs of suicide

Serving Students with Elevated Needs

Drs. Donohue and Goodman-Scott focus on tier 2 & 3 supports for depression highlighting the need for mental health services, short-term counseling interventions, and referrals.

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