• Mental Health in Schools 2020
  • Counseling
  • Trauma
Published Date: October 22, 2020

Invested Strategies Designed to Meet Students’ Needs

Educators (teachers, counselors, administrators, and other professionals) often identify stuggling students by their disruptive behavior. Typically, those educators then seek out resources and strategies that will help eliminate the distracting, unsafe, and disruptive behaviors. However, in order to truly make a long-term impact, especially with children affected by trauma, educators must contextualize the behaviors, create a safe space, identify the most pressing unmet need, and design interventions that are targeted to address that need. This is a more complex, and more effective, approach to supporting students than simply engaging in behavior management or classroom management techniques. This interview with Pete Hall, former award-winning principal and best-selling author, will delve into these topics and equip educators with a mindset-shift necessary to tackle those challenging behaviors and situations.

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