Module 2: School-Required Immunizations: Review and Update

This module is designed to educate staff about the required back-to- school immunization updates that went into effect July 1, 2021, as well as a brief review of many of the immunizations required for school entry.

Module 1: COVID Versus Allergy Symptoms

This module is designed to educate school nurses about the signs and symptoms of allergies versus those of COVID 19.

Module 3: Strengthening School-Family Partnerships

In this module, you will learn why active family engagement is essential in schools; the value of collaborative partnerships; the importance of equitable family engagement; and how to use high impact practices to engage and empower families.

Module 2: Strengthening School -Community-Based Mental Health Provider Partnerships

The goal of this module is to demonstrate to school leaders the critical need to address student mental health and show how school mental health professionals can collaborate with community-based organizations to meet the mental health needs of students and families.

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